Media File Downloader. Free software written in Java.
Latest version: 3.0 (2008-08-02)

MediaSniper is a simple program for downloading media files from popular websites (e.g. YouTube, Google Video). Free software written in Java.

Brief Description

MediaSniper is a simple program for downloading media files from popular websites (e.g. YouTube, Google Video). Just provide the webpage URL and MediaSniper will automatically identify the media files on it for downloading. Runs on any OS with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE 6+). MediaSniper is free software written in Java and released under the GNU GPL license (version 3).

Main Features

  • Single-File Deployment: MediaSniper is contained in just a single executable JAR file
  • Zero Installation: Just double-click on MediaSniper.jar to run
  • No Traces Left Behind: MediaSniper does not generate logs or modify system files; it only creates the files you choose to download.
  • Automatic Retrieval of Latest Definitions: MediaSniper automatically retrieves the latest definitions from the homepage for parsing webpages, whenever the program is launched. No data is being transmitted to the homepage during this retrieval.
  • Convenient Options: Always on top, minimize to tray, restricted ASCII filenames, short (8.3) filenames, SOCKS proxy support
  • Easy Updates: The latest release of MediaSniper is only a mouse-click away


Screenshot of MediaSniper in Windows XP MediaSniper in Windows XP
Screenshot of MediaSniper in Windows Vista MediaSniper in Windows Vista
Screenshot of MediaSniper in Ubuntu MediaSniper in Ubuntu

System Requirements

A Java Runtime Environment (JRE 6+) is required. The latest version of the JRE can be downloaded from


MediaSniper is released with source code under the GNU General Public License version 3.

MediaSniper contains other copyrighted works; information on the respective licenses can be found under Help > About from the program menu.


The MediaSniper program can be downloaded as a single ZIP file with the following contents:

  • MediaSniper.jar – MediaSniper executable JAR file
  • icon*.ico – Icon images
  • readme.txt – Release notes
  • changelog.txt – Change log
  • license.txt – License document (GNU GPLv3)

The source files are distributed as a separate download which is available from the MediaSniper project downloads page.

Source Code


Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcomed!

Please send any feedback you have about MediaSniper to email address, or visit the MediaSniper homepage at to post a message, bug report, feature request, or download the latest version of MediaSniper. Logo